PCSHost Offers a full complement of services for you Internet presence. 

CMS / Web Site Creation / Joomla! / WordPress / HTML5

Joomla! Web Site Creation and Migration.  Create a new Joomla! Web Site or migrate to a new updated version of a Joomla! Web Site complete with free security, backup, editor and form software built into your new or migrated Joomla! Web Site. 

WordPress Web Site Creation and Migration Create a new Joomla Web Site or migrate to a new updated version of a WordPress Web Site. We can put a few version of a security, backup, and form software built into your new or migrated Web Site. The cost for the plugin for WordPress are higher because WordPress plugin's tend to cost more than Joomla! But WordPress tends to be a more user friendly CMS and does have more of a variety of plug-in's available to grow your site when you are ready to grow and go!

Custom Web Site using HTML 5. Prefer to have a custom Web Site using HTML 5. Let us create a simple website for you using Template building application using HTML 5 so you can take advantage of the latest dynamic scripts created for HTML 5 including many, blogs, lists, boards, galleries, etc. Most of which you can install yourself through our CPanel application included with your PCSHost hosted web site.Fill out our Sales form in the Contact Us page for a quote today. Most basic Web Sites can be created for under $200.

Custom Web Site using Abante Storefront. Have a simple store created using an Abante Cart. Fill out the Contact Form for a quote on a basic storefront using a one step shopping cart.

Web Site Maintenance Plans

Joomla! or WordPress Maintenance plans. We can maintain your Web Site making sure that the site is backed up, plugins and core of the website are updated and the Web Site stays secured. The cost is based upon the amount of plugins, widgets or extensions that are installed into your site. The maintenance cost does not include if an update breaks something in the site that we need to roll back, uninstall or repair.

Have your site maintained monthly, quarterly or annually. The more it's updated the less chance of an attack succeeding against your Web Site or if compromised, limiting damage to the Web Site.

Security Scans and Audits

Joomla! or WordPress security Scans. Let us scan your site for vulnerabilities and make recommendations or corrections as needed to help prevent a future catastrohpe. Hacking has become simplier with available scripts anyone can download and run. Plus State sponsored Cyber Terrorist groups in Russia, China and North Korea as an example have become so well organized there is no safe Web Site on the Internet because of the resources these groups have to go looking for the perfect victim. Don't become one of them. We can never guarantee 100% you will never get hacked or hit but we can limit the damage and give the hacker a run for their money by not making it easy to get into your site. 

Managed Web Hosting

Joomla! or WordPress Optimized Hosting. PCSHost hosting plans are simple and are MANAGED BY PCSHost. So you don't need to worry about trying to learn something you really have no desire or time to learn. If you still want to make changes or view your backend we have a CPanel Console that is easy to use and offers a wide variety of options for use. Including script installations at no extra cost using Softaculous. External spam filtering available for your email keeps SPAM to a minimum. So you need a new email address created for your Web Site. Submit a support request and done!