There's so much that is being done multiple times during the week with a PCSHost monthly maintenance plan we are listing it here.

Website security is critical. Anyone can get hacked at anytime.
We provide as secure an environment as we possibly can working with what we have available. 

What we do other than any help you might need from either phone support
or issues where we need to research or connect to your PC to help, we do multiple searches
during the week for 1-2 hours or longer if I find something I need to
follow up on.

1) Security Scan of your website. (We try to hack into it discreetly using
a few passive methods.) We will send you suggestions for the website to
harden your website a little more unless we are authorized to do it ourselves
and notifiy you of any outdated or vulnerable plugin's we see from a few different
noted issues during our scans and research.

2) Scan and look at results for any website errors or coding issues that
might be costing you search engines rankings performance issues. (like
dead links incorrectly coded links or pages.) Up to you what you do w/ the
data. It's more for due diligence unless I see it's caused an issue such
as being flagged by any agency saying your site is a risk to enter.

3) Reputation: Email / Website. I scan through your folder structure
looking for anything suspicious and look for your website information over
the Internet. There are a few major sites I've found that monitor your
reputation in sending email or for folks accessing your site. I make sure
that info is clean, if it's questionable, I react and find out what the
issue is and let you know or go in the background and submit review
request as needed.

4) Check for DNS issues to make sure your records are still working an
up-to-date with any new security or Internet standard changes which happen
often enough where I've made it part of my security process.

5) Outside the box check or scan or research on anything that shows up out
of the ordinary or if either of you or your team mention something that
happened I think might be worth investigating.

The Internet has turned into such a Wild West type of
environment that if left unchecked can trickle right down into your PC not
to mention anyone who connects to your website so I really need to stay on
top of things as often as I can so we keep the attacks or surprise factor
minimum at best.

We can customize this plan as needed to fit your budget or website.