Joomla! Web Site ( American made - we do not outsource )

$350 for PCSHost created 5 page* for website. Joomla installation/Configuration


Up to 5 Pages
3 Banner Designs
Slider included w/ template
SP Pagebuilder w/ SP Pagebuilder inclusive Template. ( Template cost can vary if not satisfied with one of our inclusive ones )
Custom Form
Site Map
Firewall / Backup Software for the Joomla Site / JCE Editor free version / Standard SP PB Template / Breezing Forms Extension / Hosting for 1 year*
* - Hosting determined by plan selected. Annual Subscription $30/yr for above extensions. Additional cost dependent on website features requested.

Additional pages $50/ page. Negotiable per content requested for each page or number of pages requested.  Graphic purchase is at cost if needed.

Logo extra - If you don't have one we can create one for you. Usually they are under $100 for logo design and files suited for printing and website display.

*Customer must provide copy for pages in text, RTF, or MS Word format. Page creation entails creating menu items for navigation and articles (pages) for copy.
Additional cost may be accrued if customer does not provide information in writing or relies on PCSHost to provide sole guidance on development.

Custom request for website will be addtional depending on discretion of PCSHost and agreement with customer making request.

Joomla! Website monthly maintenance strongly suggested to maintain a secure and functional website. Click here for details.

Joomla! Web Site Migration

Don't be caught with an old version of Joomla being used for you website. Hackers are constantly looking for vulnerabilties in older Joomla versions.

Let us migrate your website over to Joomla’s Content Management System* so you can update to a current Joomla version and secure it with a current firewall extension.

Joomla is highly interactive and has an enormous amount of plug-in’s, modules and extensions you can use. We will verify what does or possibly will not and flat out won't work with your migrated and updated Joomla site..  Migration can be quoted per website. Custom created design or templates may require extra cost depending on any graphic work that might need to be done. For sites over 20 pages please Email or call us for an estimation of the amount of work it will take to convert your website over to the latest version of Joomla. 

Cost of migration applies to any Joomla site migration onto the webserver whether it is hosted at PCSHost or a third party web host. 

Joomla! Website monthly maintenance strongly suggested to maintain a secure and functional website. Click here for details.